Toddler love <3

Adventure time! One sweet little princess, my Charlotte, is soon to be THREE years old. THREE. Before this Winter weather got any worse I knew I had to take my chances with unpredictable toddler attitude and go for it.

Lucky for us, one of Charlotte’s best friends lives just moments up the road and on some beautiful rural landscape. Not knowing which way Charlotte would go, I at least knew that these two buddies would be happy together (with or without looking at the camera) and I am so glad we got that right! I managed to get portraits of both of these sweet little nearly-3’s as well as some of the sweetest friendship moments. Heart melt. It was like photographing a bride and groom, except for the fact that, y’know, they’re toddlers… Take a look below and share the love over on our Facebook page!

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Head shots & a new look

Old(er) post…  New look!

Last month I was approached to see if I’d have time for portraits and a fresh set of modelling head shots for the beautiful Emily. After a (deliberately) slow start to 2017 while completing new branding for Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design, I leaped at the opportunity for a solo portrait shoot knowing exactly where we could shoot and how I could put my hard work into practice.

Family land, Emily’s horses (and other animals), beautiful natural light and a gorgeous model made for a winning combination during shoot time. Post shoot I got to work sorting and editing this session with a completely new style in mind…

2017 is all about new challenges and a fresh perspective here for us so take a look through some of our favourites from Emily’s shoot below and enjoy a taste of the new look from Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design.

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(at home) newborn photography

SUCH a proud Aunty right here. Meeting my newest nephew was the best, however getting to photograph him was a dream. He is such a sweet, chill little one and it was so great getting to try a few new things (such as a new lighting set up, whoop!) and all in the family home. Thankfully for this shoot my sister had a spare room available. While little people were napping or otherwise occupied I managed to shift a bit of furniture and get everything set up in advance, out of the way.

By the time my star model was ready to go; the room was warm, props were organized and the set shoot list enabled Mummy to wander in and out of the room (and get herself ready) without worry. Being tucked away enabled me to focus on baby and the overall shoot and also added a bit of excitement for siblings and cousin who we brought in and out of the room as needed. Talk about the dream in-home set up!

Newborn and baby photography is the best! I’m looking forward to honing my skills through future shoots in the Hamilton / Waikato region and Auckland as the year goes on. Flick an email to or message on social media for enquiries. Let us know what you want and we’ll help you to get it :)

Kendra & Les {a backyard wedding}

The sweetest backyard wedding <3 It was an intimate setting (around the family home) for this wedding that beautifully illustrated the love and harmony between this blended family. Kendra (the bride) had everything organised and executed to perfection, everyone knew their place and everyone had a role to play throughout the afternoon (gotta love an organised bride!)

Honestly I could not have spent my afternoon with a better family that day, Kendra and Les have raised 4 incredible children whose love for each other and their parents was so easy to see that it certainly made my job easier ;-)

Thanks for having me family, enjoy a little look at the big day below…

Another baby is COMING!

I was so happy to hear from the beautiful Prateeka when she contacted me to book this session. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were photographing her pregnancy with cutie Ayden! (Don’t worry, it’s been a lot longer than that ;-) )

This session was CUTENESS overload. One loving couple and one adorable little boy (who had the time of his life throwing around the special ‘announcement sign’ (see below)). These guys are so sweet, enjoy a look at our morning session & let me know what you think!

Photographed in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Mary Jane is 1!

Oh me oh my! Working through these photographs has been the highlight of my evenings the last couple days. This beautiful bundle of joy was just so sweet natured and SO easy to photograph, she sure made my job easy.

Happy birthday little one, hope to meet you again as you grow :-)

Shane & Pâmela married

Oh happy day! A beautiful day in a truly beautiful setting. Shane & Pâmela had a long way to go to get here (literally, Pâmela literally flew thousands of miles to get here) and it was an honour to be able to capture their special day.

It was an intimate family-focused ceremony at Camp Tuhikaramea, with a sassy little flower girl trying to correct the pronunciation of everyone’s names, a bridal party made up of the children of this sweet, blended family and a whole lot of love from every angle.

Take a look at the big day and share your love over on the NPPaD Facebook page :)

Extended Family Portrait Session (with a newborn!)

You may remember seeing two of these beautiful people in a maternity session I did a couple of months ago – Elly and Alvin have just welcomed a beautiful little girl [and I got cuddles!] and I couldn’t be happier to have been asked to photograph their extended family. In about 6 months this family has grown by TWO and it was pretty adorable watching everyone interacting with these gorgeous babies.

During the maternity session we were brainstorming locations for this shoot. Factors to consider – Matilda would only be 4 days old (eep!), rain was probable (we’re still waiting for Summer to arrive), we needed enough room for 9 people and of course we needed somewhere safe should either of the babies need last minute feeding or changing.

It’s a bit of a list but while we discussed the options I ran the idea of a farm by Elly. “You don’t happen to know anyone with a farm, do you? Farms are spacious, there’s a house, it’s scenic and it’s free from tourists”. “Oh” said Elly, “My brother lives on a farm!”

Sooo we hit the location jackpot! This wasn’t just any farm, this was probably the most picturesque farm I’ve visited in years. Years. I love this place so much I almost want to move in. Haha.

Thanks family for having me around, I hope you love the photos as much as I do. Below is a wee preview of the session – enjoy!

BIG family portraits

This year I’ve done a few BIG/extended family portrait sessions – and I love them! 90% of the time it’s been one of the children who have contacted me, wanting to do a session with their parents, siblings and all the littlies. If you’re ready to update your family photos it’s the perfect time to book a session for the whole family. In BIG family portrait sessions it’s the opportunity to capture the whole family as well as mini family sessions (each individual family) and special moments like grandparents with grandchildren.

Big groups can be daunting to photograph (like when the weather sucks) but they’re always a lot of fun. More people to distract the littlies but also more people to bring out the natural smiles… In this shoot the pure laughter and joy comes from Dad/Uncle and Nanny shaking their butts right behind me haha! The best.

For this shoot we explored the Taitua Arboretum (love this place!) and walked down just far enough that we could spin in 360 degrees and see a range of different backdrops – every photo you see was taken ridiculously close to the last. The perfect place to photograph with such a big group.

Thanks for having me family, let’s do this again in a couple of years :-)

Summer Family Portraits

SUMMER IS HERE! For most photographers that means the crazy wedding season has begun already. For me, well, a fair few of you know that I haven’t been actively advertising for pushing myself out there for the last year or so as I’ve been searching for that elusive work-life balance. Single parenting + life is difficult enough without adding work into the mix. So instead of the ‘crazy wedding season’ here at NPPaD, it’s the AWESOME family portrait season! Family portrait sessions are not only one of my favourite sessions to shoot, they’re also a heck of a lot easier to manage around life + parenting ;) … And then you get to meet awesome people that help to remind you of what life is all about (family / love).

In one of the most beautiful spots in Hamilton, New Zealand, I had a great morning with these two beautiful girls and their Dad. Between the lighting and the setting I felt like I was photographing little fairy princesses, these girls are so sweet! We walked our way around the Taitua Arboretum finding unique spots for all our shots, such a great location for Spring and Summer.

No matter the size or shape of your family, it is always worth documenting. Don’t hold off on booking a photographer while you lose whatever weight you want to lose or ‘have your life together’. Now is always the best time. Contact me via my website or find me on social media to talk about your next session.