It’s a boy!

After three beautiful girls, Chi and Delray have welcomed a handsome little guy into the family! This was such a fun photo shoot – I always love having the opportunity to photograph newborns though this was the first time to shoot with so many little helpers around too ;)

Enjoy a few of my favourite photos from this session below…

The big sisters were both beautiful and loving… It’s safe to say baby will grow up well looked after.

We finished our session with a little appreciation for family heritage <3

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Good weather & a great family

Our Waikato Spring has been this bizarre combination of Summer and Winter, making outdoor portrait scheduling a bit of a mess in the last few months! Thankfully, we got there and I’m so glad we did. Below is just a little look at a few of my favourite photos from this session…

We met up in one of my favourite hidden spots, as late in the day as we could go

with beautiful weather and a beautiful family, this session was a breeze!

Seriously, these three kiddos were A-maz-ing. We were photographing after 7pm and somehow they still managed to show me how sweetly they adore each other – my child doesn’t even like ME if she’s up late haha.

It’s pretty clear to see that I love catching up with this family. Family portraits are so special because you get to capture the growth, changes, stages and phases of each family member. When the weather suits and you pick the right location, it all gets that much better…

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A COLOURFUL engagement

I thought these two were CRAZY when they told me what they wanted to do for their engagement shoot… Turns out they were on to something pretty special.

Josh & Chayce channeled their adventurous natures and fun relationship into what has got to be the messiest engagement session ever, and it was pretty magical to be able to capture it. Check out some of my favourite photos below from the epic powder war between these two lovebirds.

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HUGE thanks to the amazing Kimberley Berryman for assisting on this session, I couldn’t have done it without an extra set of hands!

Family portrait time!

This family… LOVE them! Some time soon I’ll have to throw up a post ‘through the years’. I met mum and dad BEFORE kids for a mini couples session in 2013 (from memory) and they are just a top-notch couple, now raising a couple of gorgeous boys.

Our Waikato weather has been ridiculously unstable for what feels like most of 2017 and neither of us wanted to reschedule this shoot a second time so we braced the high sun (in the afternoon…) and did our best to capture the growth of this beautiful family, with Nan of course.

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A smashing birthday celebration!

I think it’s safe to say that I just found my new favourite photo shoot – the cake smash. I spent so much of this shoot laughing while observing this gorgeous wee one smash over his cake (and attempt to run his blue feet over the place while his poor mum chased and replaced him over and over).

SO much fun! I can’t wait to capture another cake smash shoot. Happy first birthday Max! Let’s take photos again some time :)

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Claudia – 5 weeks old!

This little princess knows how to keep her parents on her toes! Claudia was around 5 weeks old when we met, full of life and 100% gorgeous. Here’s a little preview of our session –

Brooklyn’s Session

Sweet little Brooklyn was only 3 days old when we met and already he is full of expression and capturing hearts everywhere! Take a little look at some of our favourites below…


Toddler love <3

Adventure time! One sweet little princess, my Charlotte, is soon to be THREE years old. THREE. Before this Winter weather got any worse I knew I had to take my chances with unpredictable toddler attitude and go for it.

Lucky for us, one of Charlotte’s best friends lives just moments up the road and on some beautiful rural landscape. Not knowing which way Charlotte would go, I at least knew that these two buddies would be happy together (with or without looking at the camera) and I am so glad we got that right! I managed to get portraits of both of these sweet little nearly-3’s as well as some of the sweetest friendship moments. Heart melt. It was like photographing a bride and groom, except for the fact that, y’know, they’re toddlers… Take a look below and share the love over on our Facebook page!

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Head shots & a new look

Old(er) post…  New look!

Last month I was approached to see if I’d have time for portraits and a fresh set of modelling head shots for the beautiful Emily. After a (deliberately) slow start to 2017 while completing new branding for Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design, I leaped at the opportunity for a solo portrait shoot knowing exactly where we could shoot and how I could put my hard work into practice.

Family land, Emily’s horses (and other animals), beautiful natural light and a gorgeous model made for a winning combination during shoot time. Post shoot I got to work sorting and editing this session with a completely new style in mind…

2017 is all about new challenges and a fresh perspective here for us so take a look through some of our favourites from Emily’s shoot below and enjoy a taste of the new look from Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design.

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(at home) newborn photography

SUCH a proud Aunty right here. Meeting my newest nephew was the best, however getting to photograph him was a dream. He is such a sweet, chill little one and it was so great getting to try a few new things (such as a new lighting set up, whoop!) and all in the family home. Thankfully for this shoot my sister had a spare room available. While little people were napping or otherwise occupied I managed to shift a bit of furniture and get everything set up in advance, out of the way.

By the time my star model was ready to go; the room was warm, props were organized and the set shoot list enabled Mummy to wander in and out of the room (and get herself ready) without worry. Being tucked away enabled me to focus on baby and the overall shoot and also added a bit of excitement for siblings and cousin who we brought in and out of the room as needed. Talk about the dream in-home set up!

Newborn and baby photography is the best! I’m looking forward to honing my skills through future shoots in the Hamilton / Waikato region and Auckland as the year goes on. Flick an email to or message on social media for enquiries. Let us know what you want and we’ll help you to get it :)