Outdoor lifestyle session – 10 week Theo!

Handsome Theodore has crossed the 10 week mark and it was so much fun to be reunited on Friday. With Theo’s Mum Lara, we walked, talked and photographed our way into Theo’s naptime. Less poses and more exploration made for such a comfortable morning – and some pretty cute photos too.

A quick feed before exploring meant we started our journey rather sleepy! Though it didn’t take long for Theo to show his inquisitive nature…

As explained in the Facebook post, Theo wasn’t magically sitting up by himself on the tree stump – Lara was hilariously plastering herself to the tree stump behind Theo while she held him securely in place. I dropped down the angle I was photographing from and we managed to hide Mum completely. That’s about as ‘posed’ as we got this session, so much fun and so good to get out in the fresh air (it’s technically Summer, you just wouldn’t know it from the temperature yet ;) )

It’s nearly Christmas folks, head over to social media (links at the bottom of this page) and flick me a message if you’re after a portrait session of some sort in the coming weeks.

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