Sunset picnics & teddy bears

These two little cuties have birthday’s coming up soon so amongst a birthday photo each, we also made time for a late afternoon picnic.

I love the tone of these photos, we were desperately chasing light – with a couple of little ones of course we got started a tad later than intended but look at the colours! Hello beautiful Winter sunset…

I didn’t photoshop out the chocolate on her face… #keepingitreal haha

Then came teddies! The teddies were hungry too, afterall.

Photo shoots don’t need to be rigid and posed with smiles plastered on faces, sometimes it’s nice to break away from that ‘traditional’ portrait and put something a little more casual, fun or even a bit crazy on the wall. This is just a tiny snapshot of our mini tea session – if you’ve got an idea in mind, or simply want need a few updated images for your walls/albums/screensaver, flick me a message on Facebook or email :)

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