(at home) newborn photography

SUCH a proud Aunty right here. Meeting my newest nephew was the best, however getting to photograph him was a dream. He is such a sweet, chill little one and it was so great getting to try a few new things (such as a new lighting set up, whoop!) and all in the family home. Thankfully for this shoot my sister had a spare room available. While little people were napping or otherwise occupied I managed to shift a bit of furniture and get everything set up in advance, out of the way.

By the time my star model was ready to go; the room was warm, props were organized and the set shoot list enabled Mummy to wander in and out of the room (and get herself ready) without worry. Being tucked away enabled me to focus on baby and the overall shoot and also added a bit of excitement for siblings and cousin who we brought in and out of the room as needed. Talk about the dream in-home set up!

Newborn and baby photography is the best! I’m looking forward to honing my skills through future shoots in the Hamilton / Waikato region and Auckland as the year goes on. Flick an email to info@nataliepriscilla.com or message on social media for enquiries. Let us know what you want and we’ll help you to get it :)

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