Extended Family Portrait Session (with a newborn!)

You may remember seeing two of these beautiful people in a maternity session I did a couple of months ago – Elly and Alvin have just welcomed a beautiful little girl [and I got cuddles!] and I couldn’t be happier to have been asked to photograph their extended family. In about 6 months this family has grown by TWO and it was pretty adorable watching everyone interacting with these gorgeous babies.

During the maternity session we were brainstorming locations for this shoot. Factors to consider – Matilda would only be 4 days old (eep!), rain was probable (we’re still waiting for Summer to arrive), we needed enough room for 9 people and of course we needed somewhere safe should either of the babies need last minute feeding or changing.

It’s a bit of a list but while we discussed the options I ran the idea of a farm by Elly. “You don’t happen to know anyone with a farm, do you? Farms are spacious, there’s a house, it’s scenic and it’s free from tourists”. “Oh” said Elly, “My brother lives on a farm!”

Sooo we hit the location jackpot! This wasn’t just any farm, this was probably the most picturesque farm I’ve visited in years. Years. I love this place so much I almost want to move in. Haha.

Thanks family for having me around, I hope you love the photos as much as I do. Below is a wee preview of the session – enjoy!

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