BIG family portraits

This year I’ve done a few BIG/extended family portrait sessions – and I love them! 90% of the time it’s been one of the children who have contacted me, wanting to do a session with their parents, siblings and all the littlies. If you’re ready to update your family photos it’s the perfect time to book a session for the whole family. In BIG family portrait sessions it’s the opportunity to capture the whole family as well as mini family sessions (each individual family) and special moments like grandparents with grandchildren.

Big groups can be daunting to photograph (like when the weather sucks) but they’re always a lot of fun. More people to distract the littlies but also more people to bring out the natural smiles… In this shoot the pure laughter and joy comes from Dad/Uncle and Nanny shaking their butts right behind me haha! The best.

For this shoot we explored the Taitua Arboretum (love this place!) and walked down just far enough that we could spin in 360 degrees and see a range of different backdrops – every photo you see was taken ridiculously close to the last. The perfect place to photograph with such a big group.

Thanks for having me family, let’s do this again in a couple of years :-)

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