Mummy & the baby

Early last month (eeek, it’s already April!) I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my close friends and her daughter. Our girls are precisely 1 month and 1 day apart in age and as they grow it is exciting to see that ‘age gap’ close and for our little girl to start catching up developmentally, to her friend. Astrid and I took our little princesses to the beautiful Hamilton Rose Gardens where we fed the babies, fed the ducks, took a stroll through the newest Tropical and Tudor gardens and then set off in search of our perfect spot for some Mum + Bub portraits.

Beautiful Elyse was dressed in her best, our chosen setting provided much needed protection from the sun and the bright, early afternoon light reflected all around the walls and seat – showing both Mum, Bub and those stunning blue eyes off in all their glory.

I used to encourage my clients to ‘pick anywhere BUT the Rose Gardens’ because of pure overuse of the location, however I can honestly say that my mind has changed 180­°. The Hamilton Rose Gardens are one of my favourite locations to photograph families as the backdrops are so varied, shelter is optional, the landscape is large and the setting is just so beautiful. Hamilton at it’s best!

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