Couple Love

Portraiture is exciting, romantic, cutesy and fun… It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married or been together for – new portraits are a way to document the present. The present day, present appearances, present feelings, a favourite location etc etc. One day, years from now, a friend or family member will see your portrait and say “That’s exactly how I remember him/her!” or “Wow, this must have been back in our… days”. A portrait is a timeless memory – a reminder generations to come of who you were and how you loved.

Meet Maryann and Jon. They were gifted a couple’s portrait shoot this Valentines Day. They were a little nervous because they hadn’t had ‘formal’ photos taken since their early days – yet look how they shined! It was an honour to talk with, walk with and photograph this sweet couple. Enjoy the photos and feel free to contact us (click here) to give us your feedback or book your own session – Natalie

Professional Couple Portraiture / Photography – photographed and edited by Natalie for Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design in Hamilton, New Zealand.

All images are owned and copyrighted by Natalie Priscilla Photography and Design. No copying, modifications, cropping or taking of images from this website without express written permission from the owner is allowed.
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