Tauranga Wedding Photography

Despite my large belly, my trusty assistant (a.k.a unpaid, husband) and I traipsed across the North Island to the beautiful Katikati to enjoy such a wonderful day photographing the wedding of two love birds, Dan + Kirsten.

We traveled for the weekend, mostly to ease the journey with my larger-than-life self, but it also served as a double purpose of giving us time to actually scope out the locations and get our bearings prior to shooting. That could have been a recipe for disaster otherwise! We actually ended up with more time up our sleeves then we thought so, well, let’s blame it on the pregnancy, we decided to stop for every hobbit’s dream, “second breakfast”. Second breakfast is always the best breakfast. We found ourselves in a spacious cafe off the main road – must be the ‘local’ for commuters and truckkies – the food was great, the ladies were lovely and I was finally feeling energized.

That’s probably too much information on food. Let’s move on…

Our official wedding photography started in the morning over at the most incredible property that the families were staying in leading up to the big day, followed by a beautiful ceremony at Fountain Gardens, family and bridal party photos throughout the grounds at Fountain Gardens, bridal party photos at nearby train tracks and wrapping up with the sweetest bride and groom photos as the sun went down (back at Fountain Gardens) just prior to the reception. This wedding was beautifully planned, we were all well organized and it was honestly stressfree and enjoyable… Not that all weddings aren’t enjoyable, it’s that this groom was on point and this bride knew what she wanted. They were both well involved from the very beginning and were great at communicating what they were hoping to get out of their photos.

We’re so excited to have been a part of Dan + Kirsten’s special day!

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Natalie is a professional wedding & portrait photographer in the Waikato region who just loves wedding shoots and has been working in the industry for many years now.

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