Hamilton Wedding Photography

“When you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do.” – Definitely, Maybe.

I love to photograph weddings because they’re always full of joy, excitement and love. Kids are either falling over themselves to talk to the Bride or Groom (as though they’re celebrities) or chasing each other through the reception hall with those crazy props your bought for your photobooth. Despite the stress and exhaustion Mum and Dad might be feeling, their tears are of joy and their pride can be felt. One wedding I photographed, we met the Bride and Groom on the day! Thank goodness for Skype, good communication and the bride’s impeccable organization. Weddings are about love, new life, two people committing in equal partnership, families coming together (both existing families reuniting and new families joining), happiness and so much more… Unexpected decorations, dodgy salad, hail and howling winds may not be desired but certainly don’t matter on the day – we’re here to make the best of this situation with you and provide beautiful imagery of one of the happiest days of your life  Weddings are beautiful no matter what your budget, contact me and we will endeavour to make it work for you. Currently photographing in Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington New Zealand, however don’t hesitate to enquire no matter where you live.

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