Family Portraits

To me, there is nothing more important in this world, in my entire life, than my family. No amount of money, fame or popularity could ever compare to the knowledge that at any given time there are groups of people who feel unconditional love for me, who would want to spend time with me no matter how successful I could become or how many times I fail along the way. I want my children’s children, generations from now to see how much I love and respect my family through beautiful portraits and photo documentation. Natalie Ah-Chee (Photographer and Graphic Designer)

We like shooting family portraits first thing in the morning, or late afternoon (outdoors). We would recommend booking a session every 12-18months to document family growth and of course refresh those old 90’s portraits still hanging in Grandma’s house because she hasn’t anything better to replace it with! Contact us directly to discuss your next sitting or go straight to our Availability Calendar to see when we’re available. Family Portraits start at $200.00 for the session fee and one 8×12″ print. Additional prints and digital files can be purchased, session fee increases for a family of 6 or more..

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